About us

About Us

Zapurza is an art initiative by PN Gadgil & Sons, a leading jewellery brand with 190 years of legacy. It is a ‘not for profit’ organisation set up with a purpose of promoting and conserving Indian arts & art forms; and to reach out to the society, especially the children.

It aims at promoting a sense of aesthetics in young minds by introducing various arts & culture of this country. Purpose of Zapurza is to use “museum as a learning resource” for all ages. We believe that Art is an integral part of human life and it enriches the lives of people through understanding & appreciating various arts & the cultural fabric.

The name “Zapurza” is inspired by a poem of the same title by Keshavsut, a Marathi poet. It broadly means, ‘A creative state of mind.’ When one is filled with joy of creation and where the worldly worries and concerns are left behind.


Ajit Gadgil

Ajit Gadgil is the Chairman and Managing Director of P N Gadgil & Sons, a leading jewellery brand in the country. Apart from his love for jewellery, he has always been an avid art lover and collector. His passion for art and culture is the main inspiration behind establishing Zapurza- Museum of Art and Culture.

The collections exhibited at Zapurza are from the personal collection of Ajit Gadgil . He has been collecting articles and artworks from all over the country for more than the last 25 years. He has a wide range of interest in art and culture, and this reflects in the variety of exhibits at Zapurza.

The museum aims at conserving and promoting Indian Art and to be a learning resource for the society on a ‘not for profit’ basis.

Dilip Joshi

Dilip Joshi is a National Institute of Design (NID) alumni and has worked extensively in the fields of research, development & education for over the last 5 decades.

He has been with Zapurza since its conception and ideation stage & is a friend, philosopher & guide to Zapurza team.

Raju Sutar

Raju Sutar is an Arts school graduate, he has pursued an artist’s career for over 3 decades. His works adorn some of the major collections in the country as well as internationally. He is a part of Zapurza team as a curator, also involved with events, exhibitions & collaborations at Zapurza.

Sunil Pathak

Sunil Pathak is a HR Professional with a keen interest in Art. He looks after the entire campus administration and day-to-day activities. Apart from his professional life, he is also enthusiastic about acting in films and theatre.

Nandu Deole

Nandu Deole is a market professional who has been with P N Gadgil & Sons for over two decades. He has a keen interest in all forms of arts and has been a part of Zapurza since conceptualization.